Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Notes from the 2016 Notre Dame Symposium 4: Sociology - the Mobile Culture

MICHAEL MCCALLION: "Liturgy, Sociology and the New Evangelization" 

We have a communal relationship with the liturgy. 
The problem: we have to stay put in order to have community.  We have "collective effervescence" -  too much individualism.
What is the optimal level of social connectedness? 

We need communal relationship with Jesus.  But our first impulse is individualism and we have such mobile lives...   We live de-synchronized with friends and family.
What are the ways we create community in the liturgy?

Common repertoire of liturgical music is important. People in pews appreciate fewer songs. They don't sing if they don't know the songs.
It boils down to "Playing well" with the liturgy.

How do we evaluate if?
We need fewer meetings, more processions.

Pp 129 -133 in Tim I'malleys book. Eucharistic  center - Who's going to do this?  

We need better trained staff, more commitment to develop better liturgy

It's the music... people

The issue is upward social mobility. We move away... Makes it hard to form community.

Q & A:
Disses Rebuilt for breaking up community...
Architecture facilitates or hinders community
Balance -Needs to internalize faith and take it out into the homes personal and communal in balance.

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